Best Color For Your Deck

What do you think is the best color for your deck? Do you have something planned in mind? Deck color can boost the appeal and complement your home, but there are a couple of factors you should consider before choosing the right hue.

If this job is done poorly, then your deck can look like a nightmare. Therefore, we have decided to share a couple of tricks with you to help you have the most stunning deck in the neighborhood.


Brown color boosts the natural warmth and is great if you want to achieve that cozy look and blend with the surroundings. However, you can always experiment with shades and choose from light to dark brown, which is similar to mahogany.


For example, darker shades offer depth and elegance, while lighter ones open up space. Some browns can be nearly black as coffee, boosting modern and urban vibe more suitable for city homes.


Blue is a pure coastal color which is quite trendy this year. Even though it comes in many shades, the most popular one is that almost grey, or so-called aqua smoke.

This near-neutral hue causes a calm and soothing sensation and might be a great choice for your deck, as long as it fits the décor.

Another popular option is a bit brighter blue, similar to the Mediterranean, which can make you feel like you are on a beach.


In the past, grey is often associated with the lifeless space, but, that’s no longer the case. Now grey adds character to your wooden deck and features plenty of variations, from Stonehedge to Ebony Gray.


People usually use this as a base color for hues such as yellows or reds. Additionally, you can combine black and white with grey to accomplish more sophisticated palate.


Red is another color you can use for your decking project, and it’s more than a traditional redwood stain. Nowadays, this shade brings a feeling of a culture other colors can’t.

For example, rich reds such as Navajo Red evoke Italian culture, while orange like Fiery leans towards Spanish one. Red color encourages people to eat more, and it’s an excellent hue for entertaining since it improves the mood.


Last but not least, natural colors are quite popular among homeowners. They are similar to cedar or even lighter and work well with country and rustic design. They are a great choice for people who want a clean and minimalistic design.


How to choose the right color?

There are a couple of features you should consider before selecting the one color. For instance, what’s your home’s exterior palate? If the façade is neutral, light beige, then you won’t choose blue for your deck. All colors should blend well, without creating a visual distraction.

Also, you should think about the tear and wear. Lighter shades require more maintenance than darker ones. On top of that, think about the areas that have more traffic because they need higher protection.